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Forrest commented on my post about typing in Cyrillic, pointing the way to a great site, Lexilogos: Clavier Multilingue. For those who don’t speak French*, Clavier Multilingue is simply “multilingual keyboard.” The site lets you choose from a huge number of languages. When you choose one, you’re taken to a page like this, with a text box. Below it is a set of buttons with all of the characters needed for the language you chose. Above each button is the letter on your keyboard that you need to type to produce the button below it. That sounds complicated, but it’s not; see for yourself. To type in Russian, I basically just sound out how the Russian word sounds, and type it with my own keys. “D” produces “д”, “Z” produces “з”, etc.

As an English speaker, I don’t have some of the “standard” keys on my keyboard, such as š and č, but that’s not a huge deal. All I have to do is click the correspond buttons and the letters appear in the box.

Quite a cool website; I don’t want to use it indefinitely for typing in Cyrillic, but until I memorize what keys produce what Cyrillic letters, it’ll serve as a great stepping stone.

Thanks, Forrest!

As an English speaker, a few of the letters used to produce “foreign” ones, I don’t have on my keyboard, such as ž, š, and č.

* I don’t speak French either, truth be told. Google Translate did the work for me this time around. 🙂

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