WordReference.com Now Has German and Russian Dictionaries

WordReference.com used to have a German dictionary, but for whatever reason, they had to take it down. If I remember correctly, the publisher of the dictionary decided they didn’t want WordReference.com to offer it for free.

I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I went to the site yesterday to look up a French word, and saw that they have a German dictionary again, as well as a new Russian one. This makes it so that the site now offers translations for:

Pretty cool.

For those wondering, the new German dictionary being offered is the Pocket Oxford-Duden German Dictionary (2008 version), and the Russian is the Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary (2006 version).

2 thoughts on “WordReference.com Now Has German and Russian Dictionaries”

  1. WordReference.com is such a great tool for me, especially since it can do Spanish-to-Portuguese translations. It’s really helpful since I am just beginning my studies in Portuguese. I also find the forums helpful, as responses to questions on the open forums come so quickly! I keep WordReference.com up on my computer while I’m reading a book in Spanish or Portuguese, as it always helps me understand certain expressions or words a little better. That’s great that they are expanding it even more!

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