May 6th, 2010


I reviewed lesson 41 of Russian without Toil, then went ahead and did a first pass over lessons 42 and 43. 43 introduces, among other things, the days of the week:

понедельник – Monday
вторник – Tuesday
среда – Wednesday
четверг – Thursday
пятница – Friday
суббота – Saturday
воскресенье – Sunday

I liked how some of these have very clear roots: вторник -> второй (second, adjective), среда -> середина (middle), четверг -> четвёртый (fourth, adjective), пятница -> пять (five).

I also did the “repetition round” for 70 Russian words I first started learning a few days ago, using Iversen’s word list method. In doing so, I’ve come to the conclusion that until I figure out a way to mark stress changes clearly without having to write out the whole word, the word list method just isn’t going to work for Russian verbs. Writing out the infinitive, first person singular, and second person singular to indicate stress pattern simply takes up too much space, not to mention too many brain cycles; I can work through a list of Russian adjectives or nouns fairly quickly, but the verbs with all of their permutations slow me down a lot.


I reviewed lessons 6 and 7 in Assimil’s Dutch with Ease, and did a first pass over lesson 8. This is technically all review, as I started this course before and, along with Spanish, let it slide. But it’s been long enough that lesson 8 had some things in it I had forgotten.

I continue to be somewhat amused by the Dutch to German / English correlations. Dutch looks and sounds like someone mashed together equal parts of English, German, and funny; I say funny because at times, it sounds like someone speaking English with a funny accent (to me anyway). “Dat” for “that,” for example.


I took Stephen King’s Schwarz (book 1 of the Dark Tower series) to bed, and read about 7 pages before crashing for the night. I didn’t take a dictionary with me, so didn’t look anything up, but didn’t have any trouble following the story.


I did a very quick look over the letters I’ve learned so far, so as to not let them vanish from memory, but other than that, I didn’t get in anything. I hope to get two or three new letters under my belt tomorrow.

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