May 13th, 2010


I reviewed chapters 7 and 11 (no 711 store pun intended) in the New Penguin Russian Course. There was no real order or plan to this; I just haven’t touched the course in a while and felt like reviewing some. I’m going to mark it down as a relatively short term goal to finish working through the course. I was working through it quite nicely and was, imagine this, distracted by something else.

I also sat down and worked through Russian without Toil, lesson 45, pulling out unknown words so I can learn their base forms. I really dislike being presented with a word multiple times, but never being shown the base form. While doing this, I discovered that apparently, the base meaning of perfective verbs aren’t given in Katzner’s Russian-English dictionary; instead, the entries just refer you to the imperfective form. At least, that’s what I saw concerning the verb класть (imp.) / положить (perf.).

Taking a look at the dictionary at, it would appear that’s common practice. The entry for положить just provides a link to класть.

Finally, I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t abandon Russian without Toil and return to Russisch ohne Mühe. I’m not fond of switching gears yet again, but Russian without Toil was published in 1951, and with some of the vocabulary, it certainly shows, at least regarding the English translations. The German version I have is from the 70s, and I get the impression those 20 years helped the vocabulary some. I’ve not yet decided, though.


I listened to lessons New French with Ease, lessons 100-102, about 5 times each. I also sat down and worked carefully through lesson 100 in the book. Again, no real order here, just visiting an “old friend” that has been neglected for too long.


Nothing, other than I found this excellent site to help one in learning Arabic: Arabic Online. I’m a bit nervous about it being on tripod – I may actually download the whole site, just in case…

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