June 20th, 2010

This will be a bit of a messy update, as it covers stuff I’ve been doing since my last update. I’ve written down notes and things as to what I’ve done exactly on which days, but don’t really want to bother hunting it all down. So:


I’ve been adding cards to Anki and reviewing diligently on my iPhone. I’ve also been poking about at Deutsche Welle’s website, and have read a few of the Top Thema mit Vokabeln articles. The last one I read was the most recent one, Die Angst vor der Armut. I also listened to one of the Alltagsdeutsch podcast episodes which I found still hiding on my iPod, Nacht. I need to work through the transcript of it, however, as there’s a fair amount of vocabulary I don’t know.


As review, I listened to lessons 8-20 of Dutch with Ease. In the book, I reread lessons 18 and 19 and started working on lesson 20. I’ve still not copied anything yet, which I need to do.


I copied lessons 18, 19 and 20, or at least partially copied them. I would look at the English, and anything that I was confident about, I would translate to French and write it down. If I were unsure of something, I would read the French and then copy it down.

I also listened to a few episodes of 2000 ans d’histoire, but I’m still not understanding much of it. My vocabulary is still too weak. I wish that particular podcast had transcripts.


I copied lessons 47, 48 and 50 by hand, essentially using Professor Arguelles’s scriptorium method. I’m finding that copying out stuff by hand really helps it stick to my memory, far more than just reading it over and over. In the age of spaced repetition systems, audio-only courses, and other such things, copying out passages by hand seems very old school, but it seems to work, at least for me.

I also listened to those listens many times each, and found that my comprehension of them was a great deal higher after copying them.

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