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So, I’ve been a blogger-in-missing for nearly half a year now. Considering my last, depressing post in August, I imagine some readers thought I just gave up altogether. I’ve actually received some emails from random readers, asking if all is well, since I’ve been so quiet. I’ve not given up nor died – just paused for a (long) while. I did toss language learning aside out of frustration for a while, and then other things in my life took over. A new girlfriend, the holidays, followed by a new, full time job. I think I’ve read maybe a paragraph or two of German since last September. Tsk, tsk, right?

But, the siren calls of difficult grammar, unknown words, and streams of¬†unintelligible gibberish are too strong, so I’m starting to get back into it. A news article here, a podcast listen there. I’m planning on focusing on German, French, and (perhaps) Russian for a while. I might dabble a tiny bit with Italian, perhaps doing an Assimil lesson every day or two. We’ll see.

Unrelated to my hiatus from language learning, there’s a cool, new (to me) toy available: Learning with Texts. It is, for all intents and purposes, an open source copy of LingQ. You can run it on your own web host, or you can set up a dummy web server on your computer to run it. Lots of thorough instructions on the site, so do check it out. I’m pretty excited about it personally, as I always liked the idea of LingQ, but just thought the price point was a bit too high.


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