Strange Languages in Stranger Things

Like many people, the wife and I just finished up Stranger Things a few nights ago. I ended up absolutely loving it – great story, great acting, great 80s vibe. It was just lovely.

So I was very, very happy to see that Netflix actually lets you watch the show in all of the languages they produced it in; it doesn’t matter where you’re located in the world. You can watch it in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. There are also subtitles available for those languages, but a quick look shows that they sadly don’t match the audio all that well. Still, though – pretty nifty resource to have, and it’s a show worth watching.

Here’s a trailer, for those of you who aren’t familiar with what it’s about:


Sam commented and shared this amazing resource, a list of every show on Netflix that is available in foreign languages. Check it out here.

Video-Thema from Deutsche Welle

Yesterday I learned about a new offering from Deutsche Welle, Video-Thema. Every week they put up a new video complete with exercises, transcript, and glossary. Apparently, they started this up at the beginning of the year; I’ve no idea how I missed it.

Thanks to Cornelia from the Deutsch als Fremdsprache Blog for posting about it.

Yabla – Foreign Language Videos With Subtitles and Translations

I recently learned about a website called Yabla, which offers Spanish and French videos complete with transcripts and translations:

Only Yabla language immersion sites give you authentic television, music videos, drama, interviews, travel, and Yabla exclusive shoots from throughout the world. Our unique player technology is designed with language learners in mind: Slow Play, Integrated Dictionaries, Listening Game, Dual Language Subtitles, and more.

I took their player for a spin, and quite liked it. The transcript isn’t just a big block of text, but instead, is integrated into the player. Each sentence or phrase appears as it’s spoken, and pressing back takes you to the beginning of the sentence. The Slow Play feature is also nice, slowing the video and audio down to perhaps 1/2 to 3/4 regular speed. The audio sounds slightly robotic after being treated this way, but it’s still quite usable. I’m usually wary of language “games”, finding most of them useless, but the Listening Game at Yabla actually seems useful. What it does is removes a random word from the transcript; you listen and watch, and try to fill in the missing word. I can certainly see where playing this occasionally could help one’s listening comprehension.

Hopefully, the amount of French videos catches up with the Spanish; as of right now, there’s around 5 hours of video at Yabla French, and nearly 20 hours at LoMasTv. Still, though, 5 hours of French video with transcripts and translations is a treasure trove for the French learner, so I won’t complain. 🙂 Do check it out, just bear in mind that their is a subscription fee of $9.95 a month. If you sign up for longer periods of time (6 months, a year), you get a discount.

Learn the basics of Russian through videos

While exploring the forums at, I came across a post pointing to a set of Russian language learning videos on YouTube.

To make it a bit easier on Language Geek readers, here’s all of the links to the individual videos, along with what they go over:

RL101 – 1 :Some Enchanted Evening to learn Russian!

RL101 – 2 : The Six Letters That Are The Same

RL101 – 3: Six Letters that look the same but are different!

RL101 – 4 The next five letters

RL101 – 5 Revision of the first 17 letters

RL101 – 6 The Next Five – 2/3 of the way.

RL101 – 7 The Sibilants

RL101 – 8: The Missing Vowels – part one

RL101 – 8: The Missing Vowels – part two

RL101 – 9 Soft sign, hard sign

RL101 – 10 Russkaya Azbuka

RL102 – 1 Basic Russian grammar lesson 1

RL102 – 2 Basic Russian grammar lesson 2 part 1

RL102 – 2 Basic Russian grammar lesson 2 part 2

RL102 – 3 Basic Russian grammar lesson 3–PtRajc

RL102 – 4/1 Basic Russian grammar lesson 4 part one

RL102 – 4/2 Basic Russian grammar lesson 4 part two

Roll your “r”s now, baybee!

RL102 – 5/1 Basic Russian grammar lesson 5 part one

RL102 – 5/2 Basic Russian grammar lesson 5 part two

RL102 – 6/1 Basic Russian grammar lesson 6 part one

RL102 – 6/2 Basic Russian grammar lesson 6 part two (corr)

Gold List Method for learning to L/T memory part one

Gold List Method for learning to L/T memory part two

RL102 – 7 Basic Russian grammar lesson 7

By the way, despite him speaking English with a thick Russian accent, he’s not actually Russian; it’s just part of his skit. He’s actually English.