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Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Or perhaps, “I think I still remember how to study languages.”

I did some Anki reps for German using the new Anki iPhone app. Admittedly, I’m not using the version in the app store, as I’m a beta tester and the beta tester is already a lot better than the version in the store, but still.

I also poked around a bit in one of my Russian books, but didn’t really do any concerted study. That should come in a day or two; the 5 week course I’m enrolled in is over in 2 weeks, and my paper has to be done before then, so my being overburdened with research should soon come to an end.

Boy, do I miss my daily language stuff. 🙁

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May 25th – May 29th

I’ve not abandoned this little language learning journal project. I’ve not posted anything over the past few days for a very simple (and to me, irksome) reason: I have basically done no language learning during the past few days. Summer semester at university started up this week, and I’m taking the last course I need to finish my degree in history. It’s a senior seminar course, which basically amounts to doing a lot of research, writing a large paper, and giving a presentation. It normally is a 15 week course, but summer semester is shortened into two 5 week sessions – so those brave (stupid) souls who took senior seminar over the summer have to do 15 weeks of work in 5 weeks.

I suppose I shall now have to learn how to say “This was a terrible idea” in all of my languages.

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