What do you put in your SRS?

I’ve been reflecting on how I use Anki, my SRS program, and I think I’ve perhaps gone a bit overboard with it. For a long while now, any unknown word that I’ve come across has gone into it – even words that I really don’t need (or even particularly want) to know. For example, a few days ago while doing reviews with my German deck, I came across a card that I had made over a year ago. The card was for the German word for “hot water tap.”

I think I pulled this word from the Using German Vocabulary textbook that I’ve mentioned before, because I’m sure I didn’t come across it in reading. It’s not an expression I ever use in English, and actually, I’m not even sure I’ve ever heard “hot water tap” used in any meaningful sentence. So why do I need it in Anki? I probably don’t, so I deleted it.

How do you decide what to put into your SRS? I know Khatzumoto basically advocates adding stuff that you find interesting, but in following that rule, I feel like I’m going to end up missing a lot of words I “need” to know. Then again, doing what I’ve been doing, I’m learning words like “hot water tap”, so perhaps only adding things that I find of interest might work.