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Hello, and welcome to Language Geek, a new blog I just started. Another blog is just what I need. It’s not like I already run two different blogs. 😉 This blog will be similar to Aspiring Polyglot: a journal of my language learning experiences. That was initially the plan with my Learning German blog, but it won’t cover it now; I received an early Christmas gift about a week ago, The New Penguin Russian Course, and have started working through it. So, with the addition of a language to my daily line-up, I decided to create a blog about my general language experiences, instead of just German. I’m going to continue running Learning German, but I’m not quite sure what will be going there now, beside the Word of the Day entries.

For those who like a bit of personal information, my name’s Josh and I’m 22 years old. I’m a full time university student; I am, however, off right now for winter break. I live in southern Ohio in a small (very small) city, which makes finding people to practice my languages with difficult, to say the least. 🙂

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