Russian cursive writing and the alphabet spoken

I was just poking around online, looking for some Russian language podcasts, when I remembered A Spoonful of Russian. I had checked out the podcast probably a year ago, but never really went anywhere with it. Now that I’m learning Russian, it’s nice to have remembered the site.

Natalia, the maker of the podcast, has added a few new things to her offerings, namely video lessons showing how to write the Russian (Cyrillic) letters in cursive. She hasn’t quite finished the entire alphabet just yet, but has a large amount of it completed. Here are links to the videos and the letters which each video contains:

The only letters which she needs to cover at this point are Ш, Щ, Ь, Ы, Ъ, Э, Ю, and Я.

There are also a lot of other handy resources at A Spoonful of Russian. There’s this MP3 file of Natalia going through the Russian alphabet (i.e., what the letters are called – the KGB is NOT pronounced “Kay Jee Bee”!) To make things simpler (and to save myself a bit of work), I’ll just point you to Natalia’s download page to get to the rest of the goodies. At that link, you’ll find dialogues from the podcasts, songs, lyrics, a cursive writing workbook that you can download… lots and lots of free goodies. As an added bonus, Natalia clearly knows how to record things well – all of the audio has excellent sound quality, with little to no background noise.

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