Vocabulary goals

I’ve decided to copy (hey, at least I’m honest) edwinlaw’s plan of learning so many words per day. I’ve created a Resources page, which links to the lists I’ve worked on thus far (only one, for German, currently). I’m planning on 5 words per day, at least for the first month. I got started yesterday, but as can be seen, there’s more than 5 words on the list. During my studying of an article in German, I just kept going and going, so I decided to copy out all of the new words that I’d written down in my notebook. Starting either tonight or tomorrow, I’m going to try and learn 5 new German words per day.

Heavy Russian vocabulary learning is on hold at the moment. I’m still exposing myself to some Russian, particularly in the listening department, but I just don’t have time for a lot of active studying of it right now. College classes and German are eating up most of my time.

5 thoughts on “Vocabulary goals”

  1. Good luck with the 5 words a day thing! I’m thinking of doing something similar for my Dutch study.

    While it might be really time-consuming, it’s worth adding an example or two of your words in use. I personally find it easier to learn words in context rather than just the word and its English translation. If you plan to do 5 words a day, though, this might take up too much time….

  2. Funny, that’s how I studied English: reading US and UK newspapers and making endless lists of words. And they weren’t even homework – I was such a nerd!

    (Good list btw, learnt something too)

  3. Kelly: Yeah, I may end up giving a sentence for each word. That would make the lists more useful for others. It actually wouldn’t take much extra time, because I’m getting all of the words from stuff I’m reading / listening to.

    Nils: You still ARE a nerd, my friend. 🙂

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