Slow German podcast from Annik Rubens

I blogged earlier this month about listening to Schlaflos in München to work on your German listening skills. In my previous post, I neglected to mention that Annik also offers a special version of Schlaflos for learners of German, Slow German. With these, she selects a topic from one of her podcasts and does it again, except slowly (I bet you couldn’t have guessed that based on the title, huh? 😉 ). Each episode of Slow SiM (Schlaflos in München) also has a complete transcript, so you can hunt down the words you can’t quite understand while listening.

You can access all of the episodes of Slow German here, at You can access the latest episode, along with its associated transcript, at

7 thoughts on “Slow German podcast from Annik Rubens”

  1. Hey, thanks for mentioning my podcasts! I just wanted to let you know that I changed the concept of the podcast. It seems that most of my listeners wanted to hear “typical German stories”. That’s why I now use topics like public transport or beergardens instead of the “Schlaflos in Muenchen”-topics…

  2. Auch vielen Dank für dein Arbeit. Ich ¨bin in Rumänien geboren, aber ich lebe seit 19 Jahren neben Barcelona, Spanien
    Sehr oft höre ich dein Arbeit über Deutsche Musik.
    Ich suhe mein Deutsch verbessern, unmöglich hier, weil niemand Deutsch spricht, so habe ich viel Spass mit dir.
    Viele Grusse.

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