Vocabulary lists discontinued

I don’t know if anyone has been using them (my stats say “no”), but for the time being, I’ve discontinued the vocabulary lists on the resources page. Since no one is using them (and even I find them relatively useless, because most don’t have example sentences), I don’t really see the point of me burning time to put them up. I’m going to start adding things to the resources page – links to books I find helpful, glossaries, whatever – but I’m not going to “force” myself to add so many words to a list per day anymore.

However, that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped working diligently on my vocabulary. I’ve started using sentence items almost exclusively; after trying them out, I’ve found that they’re much, much more helpful than a simple word-to-word translation. I’ve been using a plethora of different programs, attempting to get a system in place: SuperMemo, VTrain, Interlex, and Mnemosyne. In the past week, I’ve added about 100 sentence items to my collection, and thus far, I think the regular vocabulary work is paying off.

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