Free access to Collins dictionaries

I was looking for a translation of a German word this morning (arbeitsreich), to see if I could find some examples of usage. At the top of the search results was this. The page answered my question, but more importantly, through it, I discovered that you can access Collins foreign language dictionaries online for free.

The dictionaries available from the site are:

Quite the bundle!

5 thoughts on “Free access to Collins dictionaries”

  1. Ooh, a language blog that seems to actually be updated reguarly and has some focus on Russian! Whoop! I’m learning Russian, Finnish and Norwegian (with a bit of Irish Gaelic when i get the time), but am focusing mainly on Russian so your blog looks perfect. Am subscribing posthaste, or bookmarking, whichever. Must gallop off to check those Collins dictionaries too, we have a Polish person at work and i might add that to the list of languages to learn.

  2. Camilla: Haha, yeah, I do normally update it at least semi-regularly; as of late, however – nothing at all! I’m in the midst of my finals, which are killing me. They end the 19th, and so things should resume their normal course then.

    You sound like you’ve got your hands full! 🙂

  3. Ah, i totally understand, i’m studying part-time for a degree too (hands full indeed!) so exams and assignments routinely sweep through my schedule and decimate everything else, lol!
    Good luck with the finals. 😀

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