Free Hörspiel for German Learners

I came across a neat resource for German learners recently, Detektei Suni & Partner. It’s a Hörspiel, or radio play, in podcast format. Other than some brief encounters with radio plays as a child (which I had to listen to on cassette tape, not actually on the radio), this is the first one I’ve ever listened to. I like it as a format; I find it much more engaging than listening to an audiobook. The various sound effects help you get a feel for the environment, and the multiple voices (rather than one voice of an audiobook reader) also makes things more interesting. You also obviously get to hear a number of accents.

I’m not sure if they’re still making new episodes – the last one appeared in July – but even if they’re not, there are 7 episodes to listen to, and you can also get the full transcripts for each one.

Does anyone here listen to German Hörspiele? If so, could you recommend any? I’d like to explore the format more.

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