May 5th, 2010

I was not very happy with today at all:

I listened to Assimil Russian without Toil, lessons 37 – 51. I actually listened quite a bit ahead of where I’m at in the book. As for the book, I reviewed lessons 39 and 40 closely. I noted that I really need to open up all of the lessons with songs at the end (every lesson before a review lesson), and cut out the songs. Hearing them once or twice is fine, but when I’m wanting to put a particular lesson on repeat while cleaning around the house or something, after 4 or 5 times, I’m ready to pull my hair out. Russian folkish songs from the 50s (30s? 40s?) are just not my thing.

I shadowed lessons 8 and 9 of Assimil Spanish with Ease something like 6-8 times each. I wasn’t walking, as per the usual shadowing instructions, but driving. I’ve actually gone back practically to the beginning of Assimil Spanish course; I was much further ahead, but neglected it completely for quite some time, so a refresher is in order.

For Arabic, I reviewed the letters I know so far and started learning yaa. The writing of this one isn’t overly completely, but wrapping my head around what it can stand for is another matter:  it can stand for a long vowel (like ee), a consonant (y), or a dipthong (ei). This all depends on what marks are (or aren’t) put around it, such as short vowels on the preceding letter.

And finally, I listened to an episode of Schaflos in München.

I did not get done what I wanted to today. Better luck tomorrow, I suppose.

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