May 7th, 2010


I read a few more pages in King’s Schwarz, and got up to speed on my German sentence deck in Anki (about 100 cards reviewed).


I did a first pass over the letters ‘alif, hamza, waaw, daal and dhaal. Hamza in particularly is pretty odd to me, as it is actually a glottal stop, but counts as a full letter. It’s important because in Arabic, no word can begin with a vowel; if a word sounds like it begins with a vowel, it’s actually beginning with a glottal stop (hamza) followed by the vowel. Hamza and ‘alif have a close relationship, because if there is a hamza at the beginning of a word, it “rides” on an ‘alif, rather than standing alone. Pretty interesting stuff.


I reviewed lesson 43 in Russian without Toil again. When doing New French with Ease, I didn’t review lessons in the book nearly as much, but Russian vocabulary has a knack for not sticking to my memory. I started to do lesson 44, but got distracted by something or other, and never got back to it. It’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

All in all, not a whole lot done today, but most of my evening was taken up by going to the movies with some friends, so I suppose I’ll be content with what progress was made.

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