May 10th, 2010


I added about 30 new sentence item cards to my German Anki deck; I’m still working on “repairing” my vocabulary. The fact that German was my first foreign language certainly shows; I’ve got holes in it all over the place.


I added lesson 43 to my Russian Anki deck, generally sticking to one sentence per card. I also reviewed around 120 Russian cards. Ideally, I want to have the whole book in Anki for review; I have lessons 1-15 in my deck already, but I’ll need to go back and add the lessons in between.


I went through 4 sets of exercises on the present tense of regular verbs in The Ultimate French Review and Practice book. I’m fine with recognizing conjugations, through New French with Ease, but my ability to produce said conjugations quickly is not where I want it to be. Hopefully by working through exercises like this, my speed will improve. I also like the UFRP because it covers a lot of basic vocabulary that wasn’t present in New French with Ease.

On the agenda

Things that need some attention soon: some more Arabic letters, a review of my most recent Dutch lessons, and a review of my most recent Spanish lessons.

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