May 16th, 2010

Another day of almost nothing. So much for making up for Friday’s total bust.


I reviewed Russian without Toil lesson 45, and did a first pass over lesson 46. I also started writing out lesson 46, but didn’t finish it up. What I did write out, though, did seem to help make some troublesome words stick in my memory (e.g. зерколо, “mirror”).

Chopping Block

I’ve succumbed a bit too much to wanderlust. I’m shelving Arabic completely for the time being. I’ve not yet decided, but I may also shelve Spanish for a while. I’ve said elsewhere that I’m just not one of those people who wants / needs to focus all of my time on one language, but I can and will admit when I’ve spread myself too thin. I’m pretty sure I have. 🙂

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