May 19th, 2010


This morning, I copied out a few pages of dialogues / short texts from the New Penguin Russian Course (chapter 11). One of the texts was about the founding of St. Petersburg, and how Peter the Great (Пётр Великий) basically sent lots and lots of peasants into a nasty swamp to build it (and die).


I did the repetition round for some words I had done with Iversen’s word list method, then did some new words (around 50). I was doing something that many people would practically label as blasphemy: opening a dictionary and grabbing words at random. It’s not for everyone, but I quite like doing it, at least with languages I have a good foundation in. I like it in part because it lets me learn words that share a common root, which, if I was just getting words from context, wouldn’t happen nearly as often. For example, I learned:

der Bürger – citizen
der Bürgermeister – mayor
der Bürgersteig – sidewalk
bürgerlich – civilian, middle class (also bourgeois)
der Bürgerkrieg – civil war


Not a whole lot, but I spent around 15 minutes doing the active wave of lessons 15 and 16 in New French with Ease (oral only).

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