May 21st, 2010


I reviewed lesson 13 again in Dutch with Ease, and moved on to do lessons 14 and 15. 14 was a review lesson, however, so didn’t take much time. I still need to write out the lessons I’ve done, and I may try the translation method Catherine and Luca wrote about here.


I finished copying out the short text from New Penguin Russian Course about the founding of St. Petersburg, then moved on to reading chapter 12. This chapter’s going to take a while to nail down, as it introduces aspect. Aspect itself isn’t really that hard to grasp, but the chapter also gives a number of irregular verbs which are quite common. I’m still not sure how best to approach learning Russian verb pairs; I mentioned previously that I’ve found word lists to not be very effective for learning them, and I’ve not settled on an alternative yet.

Also sprinkled throughout the day were Anki reviews, both for Russian and German. I’ve been helping beta test Anki for iPhone, and it’s helped me stick to my reviews much better than just using the desktop app / AnkiMini (the latter being somewhat laggy).

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