Back to this craziness (and learning with texts)

So, I’ve been a blogger-in-missing for nearly half a year now. Considering my last, depressing post in August, I imagine some readers thought I just gave up altogether. I’ve actually received some emails from random readers, asking if all is well, since I’ve been so quiet. I’ve not given up nor died – just paused for a (long) while. I did toss language learning aside out of frustration for a while, and then other things in my life took over. A new girlfriend, the holidays, followed by a new, full time job. I think I’ve read maybe a paragraph or two of German since last September. Tsk, tsk, right?

But, the siren calls of difficult grammar, unknown words, and streams of unintelligible gibberish are too strong, so I’m starting to get back into it. A news article here, a podcast listen there. I’m planning on focusing on German, French, and (perhaps) Russian for a while. I might dabble a tiny bit with Italian, perhaps doing an Assimil lesson every day or two. We’ll see.

Unrelated to my hiatus from language learning, there’s a cool, new (to me) toy available: Learning with Texts. It is, for all intents and purposes, an open source copy of LingQ. You can run it on your own web host, or you can set up a dummy web server on your computer to run it. Lots of thorough instructions on the site, so do check it out. I’m pretty excited about it personally, as I always liked the idea of LingQ, but just thought the price point was a bit too high.


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