Talk given by Michael Erard, author of Babel No More

Here’s an interesting talk on YouTube, by Michael Erard, author of Babel No More. He’s basically covering some of the high points of the book, which is about hyper polyglots, how they learn, what drives them, and what role they may serve in the future. The book is on my list of things to read, and the talk certainly made me want to get to it soon. Really interesting stuff.

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  1. GBarto August 1, 2012 at 12:30 am - Reply

    It was a pretty good book, and with some interesting stuff on Alexander Argulles, once at HTLAL. The famed Iverson also shows up, though not by name, in the appendix on hyperpolyglot strategies. Note that it’s more about hyperpolyglots (including Mezzofanti) that it is about how to become one yourself.

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