Duolingo invitations

If any of you folks are interested in checking out Duolingo, a new language learning site that teaches by giving you words and sentences to translate (among other tasks), let me know. I have four invitations I can give out to access the beta. Currently, you can study Spanish, German, and French (beta). If you’d like one, drop me a comment with your correct email address.

31 thoughts on “Duolingo invitations”

      1. Josh, thanks, but after clicking on the link, I realized I can’t use it.
        I’m learning Dutch, not any of the languages offered.
        I didn’t log on, so maybe you can give the invitation to someone else.

        Thanks, anyway!

  1. Thanks for the head’s up on this site! None of those are my current target language, and I don’t really have time right now anyhow, but it seems like a good idea. I look forward to seeing it expand.

  2. I would love one as well! I tried to sign up on their site but have not received any e-mail notification with a password yet… Thank you!

    1. Hi Fred,

      Sorry for the (very big) delay in getting back to you; I missed your comment when it first went up. Hopefully, you found that Duolingo is now open to all, so you don’t need an invite. Cheers!

  3. Just joined, love it! So fun—if they let you skip ahead, it would be better for people who already have some degree of language skills. I’m passing your site and Duolinguo on to my pals in the linguist conference on the Well…sheesh, they may be here already…
    Thanks a bunch!

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