Hallo wieder (Back at it)

I mentioned this a while back on the Facebook page for my blog, but for those that missed it (why don’t you like the Facebook page? 😉 ): the missing passion has been found. No real secret to that, other than I did what lots of people do and recommend doing: focused on enjoying using the language. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and listening to stuff, and watching a bit of TV as well. Lost in German is wonderful, for anyone wondering.

My current reading / listening focus is Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen. I read the series years ago (in English), and my wife has been rereading it herself, so I figured I’d give it another read as well, just in German this time. I grabbed a hard copy of it from Bookdepository, as well as a Kindle version so I could convert it to text and toss the whole thing into LingQ. I’ve been happily marking up words and listening to the audiobook. And of course, with lots of reading and listening, I’m finding myself picking up lots of words without really trying all that hard. I still love my word lists, whether Iversen’s method or Goldlist, but just consuming a ton of content is also one heck of a way to learn words.

While I’ve not done it much due to lack of time, I’ve also been dipping back into my Assimil Russian book. I never did finish the passive wave – I ran out of gas around lesson 91 or 92, I think. So I’ve been working on getting through those, and then perhaps I’ll start on the active wave.

And, as usual when I get excited about learning languages, I’ve been trying to resist further wanderlust taking hold of me. I still have Viking Language 1 calling to me, and my elementary French is rusty, and I never did get anywhere with Dutch, and I live in the states so I really should learn some Spanish, and whoa, Italian sure is pretty, maybe I should learn that… Oy. It’s rough.

I’ll try to update here a bit more often! If I don’t, feel free to comment on this post and nag me. I will appreciate it. 🙂


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